A trip to Tofino.

Bad day, looking for a way,home, looking for the great escape. Gets in his car and drives away, far from all the things that we are. Puts on a smile and breathes it in and breathes it out, he says, bye bye bye to all of the noise. Oh, he says, bye bye bye to all of the noise.

-Patrick Watson

We came in search of escape, to be free, to feel honest love and pure friendship. The journey was winding, thoughts of forever young running through my mind the entire time. Once we arrived the destination seemed endless, my memories feel as if they will never fade, they will never die. There I found answers to questions I am yet to ask. I witnessed 4 people bond quicker than this sweet ass super glue I bought from the dollar store around the corner. Tofino magic. A place filled with breathtaking landscapes, crisp daytime air you could swear has particles of freedom in it. Clear night skies where the milky way twinkles brighter than city lights, reminding me of my place in the universe. Doing the Moses twist, dancing alone amongst the gods, then heading back to rest my head on the beating hearts of inspiration.

So get in your car and go, say goodbye to all of the noise.

And check out this beautiful poem Jessa wrote reflecting on the trip.

Tofino Love.

Project “1 Year On” Nova Scotia

During the last few days on the east coast of Canada I road tripped around parts of Nova Scotia with my good friend Jackie. She took me to places like Peggy's Lighthouse, Luneburg and the Digby Tides. As well as a few other local spots where she grew up. It's always nice to have a local show you around, it gives you a unique perspective that is hard to gain from being an outsider looking in. Nova Scotia is a beautiful part of Canada, It's probably not given enough credit, with sites like Whistler, The Rockies and Niagara Falls it quickly drops down the list of must see places. I'm glad I got the chance to see it when I did.

Thank ya to Jackie and her family for the amazing hospitality! After eating out pretty much the entire trip it was nice to have a few home cooked meals :)