Dale Tidy

Dale Tidy is an international freelance photographer. Born and raised in Australia, his work has been published in magazines, newspapers and online editorials across the globe. Dale's talent in capturing action sports, live music and adventure photography has become some of the most sought-after, attracting high-profile clientele such as Red Bull, CBC Sports, Virgin Mobile, Bell Media, Krone Newspaper and Nintendo.

In November of 2014, Dale won the highly competitive award for Red Bull’s International Photo of the Month, proving that his work clearly stands out amongst the most respected of his peers.

Along with his impressive corporate portfolio, Dale has also built a poetic and captivating body of images from his personal travels. Obsessed with what he does, Dale dedicates his life to seeking out moments of timeless aesthetic beauty and real human connection.

Through these experiences combined, without force, an undeniably unique style has emerged, and it is written directly from the heart. Photography has never been a job for him; instead, it is a soul fulfilling passion that breathes life into his veins. Each image becomes a reflection of a lifelong journey made up until the moment when the shutter clicks. Leaving the work eternally bound in a much larger story, one special piece of a whole. 

In February 2016, Dale teamed up with his equally talented business partner and friend Ross Pulsford. Together they started their new business called Dale & Ross Productions Inc. Specializing in creating short film and photographic content. In just their first year of operation, they filmed more than 130 films for CBC, Red Bull, NBCN, Northern Arena, Virgin Mobile, Bell Media and many more clients. You can see their work here: www.daleandross.com

In November 2014 Dale was invited to attend a one month long internship at the Red Bull Photography Academy in Austria.  

"Always happy and eager to soak up as much information as possible, Dale is one of the biggest talents to come out of the Academy. He has shown an amazing talent for photo-journalism and passed all tasks and test shoots with excellence. Looking to push himself to the limit and get the most out of every shoot at all times, Dale is a highly motivated, precise and determined photographer with an amazing future ahead of him." -Red Bull Media House


In November 2014 Dale was also awarded with the Red Bull Content Pool - Photo of the Month (Global)

To view the image click here: www.redbullcontentpool.com

FAQ: How did I get into photography?

It all went down on a fine summers day in January... yes mate, you heard correctly, I'm from the land down unda! It was absolutely gorgeous outside, the sun was baking, the birds were chirping and the bogans had begun the boozing. However this 19 year old kid was having none of that, instead, I was having the time of my life, cooped up in my dark bedroom looking at things on the computer - nothing unusual about that - except the pictures. No! Not those pictures...

These pictures were of le Tour de France, the Pyramids of Giza, Running of the Bulls, Oktoberfest and the Roman Colosseum. I was staring back at photographs from the most extraordinary journey of my young life. The previous year I had embarked on a 5 month adventure, back-packing through the UK, mainland Europe and even a little slice of Egypt for the sake of it, my first taste of freedom after high school.

Before leaving on the trip, I acknowledged an underlying desire for snapping pictures by purchasing my very first camera, a Nikon D40 to be exact. During the European escapades I was often nicknamed "The Paparazzi" thanks to a habit I had developed for shooting absolutely everything and anything that captured my imagination.

Three months after the conclusion of Eurotrip numero uno, it was the College enrolment cut-off date. I was set to become a professional Animator, all the while going casually about my hobby - editing photos on an early version of Photoshop. The photos were transporting me from my bedroom back to Europe and I realised the power and joy that the imagery gave me.

I am not sure what triggered it exactly, but like a lightning bolt to the head, it was hard to ignore. A moment of clarity struck me and my dreams of becoming an animator went from hero to zero, and photography was my new god. I picked up the phone, dialled my new College and prayed that it wasn't too late to switch programs. 10 minutes later and that was that. It was done. My life as a photographer had begun.

Seven years down the track. 32 countries visited. Hundreds of events documented. Thousands of people connected. 100,000's photos created and countless more to come. My passion for photography, travelling and life in general has never been stronger. I owe all of this success to my family, friends, facebook stalkers and of course, how could I forget, that happy young boy in the dimly lit room. *fist bump*

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