Canadian Streets Exhibition

Once I returned to Australia my next goal was to share the images that I had taken in Canada with my friends, family and the general public back home. It was always my intention before I left that I would hold a solo exhibition to showcase the work. If you didn't get a chance to see it click here for the details. Many thanks to a lot of good people along the way who helped to make the exhibition a complete success. I had an awesome time exhibiting my work and I felt humbled by the great turnout.

Below are photos and a video from the opening night thanks to my good photography friend Mr. Beasley. Check his incredible work here:


A brief thank you speech


Thanks Mum!

Canadian Streets Exhibition - The Final Prints

Here is the selection of 13 images showcased for the Canadian Streets Exhibition which were chosen out of 7500 photos that I took during the month of July last year.

1. Welcome to Vancouver

2. Our Sunset

3. The Boys of English Bay

4. Untitled

5. Existence

6. Chinatown

7. Life, on the Street

8. Canada Day

9. Fairgrounds

10. Sign of the Times

11. Granville St.

12. Untitled #2

13. Dream, Life

(prints are available for purchase - contact for sizes and price details)