The NYC Costume Trip hardcover photo book can be purchased on Amazon here: NYC Costume Trip Hardcover Book

A group of friends go to New York for 6 days. Nothing unusual about that right? Except they decide to wear costumes.. only costumes... for the entire trip. What happens after that is nothing short of utter mayhem. "It was my first time touching down in the greatest city on earth. We flew in first class, and everything after that was far from it. We bombed everything from dive bars - parks - pet stores - to fine dining restaurant. The sky was the limit, and after the last photo we took in the series we weren't to far from it." -Dale Tidy

"What makes NYC Costume Trip so endearing is its artful design, the immediacy of the photography, and its pure, unapologetic wackiness. And it has us thinking a little differently about what we should pack next time we go on vacation." -Blurb Books