Project “1 Year On” Québec City

Caught the train up from Montreal to Quebec City alongside an amazing sunset. Arrived in the city at night time with the Summer Festival sadly coming to an end. There was a great atmosphere about with kids playing in the streets, teens drinking under the starry nights sky while the adults mingled in the bars and restaurants. Enchanting lights guided me through the back alleys as I wandered around aimlessly enjoying the warm summer evening. The next 2 days were just as chilled. Caught the ferry across to Lévis to watch the pink sunset, strolled around the citadel and drank a few beers. Travelling can be a tough gig at times.

Also as a random fact Quebec actually recorded no murders in 2007!


Project “1 Year On” Ville de Montréal

It was time to catch up with a good mate Big D for a contiki reunion, so Montreal was the next stop. One of the best cities in Canada in my opinion, it has a lot going on plus the historic city streets make it a beautiful place to go for a walk and sip on a few brews. Definitely one of the most photogenic cities I have ever been to and had an awesome time walking around photographing all of its aspects, in particular the outstanding architecture and design elements within the CBD. Cheers to Trump and Annie for housing me, had an absolute ball!