Project “1 Year On” The End of the Road - Van City

So this is it, the end of the journey. I had flown back to Vancouver from Halifax across the land which I had rolled along. A few days previous I had found myself lying in bed unable to sleep, I was considering what I was going to do with myself once I had finished studying my photography course back in Canberra. All I knew was that I wanted to keep travelling, live somewhere overseas and continue to develop my photography. Immediately out of nowhere Vancouver popped into my head. Like an epiphany, in an instant, I knew wholeheartedly that I wanted to move to Vancouver to live for at least a few years. There was no hesitation, just pure excitement. I sat in bed punching the air ecstatic that my path in life was once again crystal clear. Just like the moment when I realised I wanted to be a photographer. I felt incredibly lucky.

When I arrived in Vancouver this time, I no longer perceived the city as foreign, I saw it as my new home. I don't know if it was just the fact that I was over the moon about my decision to move there, or if indeed all the stars had aligned to produce one of the most incredibly beautiful days of my life. But Vancouver was smiling, and I was smiling with it. It was a perfect day, from the kind people, to the chirping birds, to the styling cars, to the endless sunset and all the while the warmth from the 34 degree heat (hottest day ever recorded in Vancouver). It all combined to leave the sweetest taste in my mouth from Canada. I couldn't wait to finish my studies and get back to where I now felt I belonged. Van City.

"I'll be back..." And I am

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