Canadian Streets Exhibition

Once I returned to Australia my next goal was to share the images that I had taken in Canada with my friends, family and the general public back home. It was always my intention before I left that I would hold a solo exhibition to showcase the work. If you didn't get a chance to see it click here for the details. Many thanks to a lot of good people along the way who helped to make the exhibition a complete success. I had an awesome time exhibiting my work and I felt humbled by the great turnout.

Below are photos and a video from the opening night thanks to my good photography friend Mr. Beasley. Check his incredible work here:


A brief thank you speech


Thanks Mum!

The Summer of Cricket

So for the first series that I'm throwing up on the blog I was combining 3 of my most favourite activities; photography, cricket and drinking with mates. A friends birthday provided the excuse to get out there and play the game. There was a nice bit of stormy cloud cover which made the subjects pop nicely with some slightly off camera flash and my mates did the

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