Photographing Ice Hockey in Austria

On the 23rd of November I was given the job of capturing the European Ice Hockey game between EC Red Bull Salzburg and HDD Olimpija Ljbljana. However rather than just capture the action highlights, I was tasked with documenting the game from the fans perspective. As an Australian, having only been to a handful of hockey games, I was really looking forward to sharing this story with my friends back home, to give them a feeling of what it is like to be there in person.

The game was very fast passed. I had read up and done some research a few days earlier about photographing Ice Hockey, the tips helped and by hanging close to a few of the regular press photographers, I was able to position myself to get some good shots. 

Having to divide my time between documenting the action and the crowd was the hardest part, time was flying when looking down the barrel of the lens at the ruff and tumble sport. I had to pry myself away and turn the camera to the reactions of the fans to make sure I would be able to tell the full story. With 6 goals all going the way of the Salzburg Red Bulls, there was plenty of emotion on offer from the local crowd to capture.