Jessa and Jono's Canadian Wedding

I hadn't seen Jon in about 8 years, we had gone to high school together back in Australia and had even been in the same classroom for 6 of those years. What are the chances that years down the road we would be living 15 minutes bike ride away on the other side of the planet! Jessa and Jono invited me around to their place for drinks one night and we got chatting about there upcoming wedding. It just so happened that they were in need of a wedding photographer - which was convenient - because I just happened to be a wedding photographer. So we put 2 and 2 together and voila! 1 month later I had the pleasure of documenting their gorgeous lake-front wedding in sunny Toronto. Some weddings are fun to shoot, others are awesome, and a small few force you to take a moment and think "Holy shit! I never want this day to end!" The sheer quality of dancing on display was phenomenal, the beers slayed by the guests were impressively copious, in short; these guys knew how to throw a party.

As good as the party was though, the real reason we were there was to celebrate the love between Jessa and Jono, and it is evident that there was a whole lot of that going on. I cannot think of a couple more perfect or deserving of each others love. It was adorable to see how nervous Jono was at the start of the day while Jessa was cool as a Q. That nervousness melted into pure joy the moment they held hands for the first time during the ceremony. Afterwards we wandered off from the party to take some photos down by there lake, they had a beautiful innocence to their interaction that reminded me of teenagers on their first date. My cheeks were actually hurting, I couldn't stop smiling while watching how much fun they were having as a newly married couple.

One major highlight from the nights entertainment included a speech from Jon's (Australian) Dad making reference to a story where Jessa and Jono were walking back from a pub in the middle of winter in thongs. For the 95% Canadian audience this gave them a mental image that was not intended. Wondering why everyone was laughing at him he made the quick correction "Oh oh oh I meant "what do you guys call them again?" Oh Flip Flops!!!"

On that delightfully visual note I'll leave you to enjoy the photos. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you; Jessa and Jono's Wedding :)

As a side note: I am now taking bookings for the 2015 summer wedding season. Reach out to me in the contact section if you are interested. Cheers!