1 Month Backpacking in Guatemala

I spent one month in Guatemala in late 2012 attempting to learn a little bit of the Spanish language as well as backpack around on some of the worlds bumpiest roads in order to explore as much of the country as possible. This journey took me through Guatemala City, Antigua, San Pedro and San Marcos on Lake Atitlan, The Chichicastenango Markets, Lanquin and the famous Semuk Champey Limestone Aqua Bridge that passes over theΒ CahabΓ³n River, then finally onto Flores and The Tikal National Park to view some ancient Mayan Temples. It was an incredible trip, I found the most impressive thing about Guatemala to be the local people, how real and traditional their lives still remained even whilst surrounded at every turn by the western world. They are preserving their culture for themselves, and anyone who is lucky enough to travel to this beautiful part of the world will get to appreciate what they have to offer, whether that be through purchasing their unique wares, eating their flavour packed food, drinking their freshly roasted coffee, or simply receiving a kind smile from a cute colourful ball that is the Mayan children. I can't wait to get back. Please enjoy the photos