Red Bull Manny Mania

Early in June I drove down to photograph the Vancouver stop of Red Bull's worldwide Manny Mania skateboarding competition. It was being held at the Vancouver Skate Plaza which is in a really sweet inner city location, underneath a highway and next to the Skytrain which made for some dynamic location shots. The aim of Manny Mania is essentially to be on 2 wheels over the fun box, and link as much skill, style, tricks and grinds into it as possible. The Vancouver skate scene is quite impressive, home to over 50 skateparks and an abundance of really sweet street spots. It was insane to watch the talent that came out to participate. Eric Zimmerman fought hard to finally win his first Manny Mania title, with Micky Papa and Adam McConnell coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Big ups! Enjoy the shots