A trip down Australian lane

In March I was hired to shoot a wedding in Australia. It had been 18 months since I had last been home and that was just for a brief holiday. I felt like I had spent enough time away from my home town that I could see it in a whole new light and learn to appreciate it all over again. As I arrived I was shocked to see how bogan everything in Canberra was, from the old school buses to peoples attitude and clothing all the way to the unique 70's and 80's architecture that one encounters as they drive down Northbourne Avenue. It warmed my soul in a way, reminded me of where I came from and I felt at home almost immediately. Along with photos of Canberra I made it a mission while in Aus to get to the coast. One day my mate Kingston and I get up early to chase the sun and make the most of the fading summer. We chucked on the beats and road tripped it out to Malua Bay to eat the local fresh fish and chips, step foot on soft sand and go rock climbing around the jagged headland. Australia has an incredibly unique landscape that is unmistakable, it was fascinating to document a place I had lived my entire life but from spending time away gained a new perspective and photographed it as such.

As is always the case my transit times were epic and I had 2 good stints inside my favourite building on the planet (architecturally speaking); the Beijing International Airport. I never get tired of capturing the light, lines and shadows of that spectacular structure.

In the end I spent a little over 2 weeks in the land of Aus catching up with friends and family. It was exactly what I needed and I came away feeling refreshed and ready to rock another few years in these distant lands.