The power of an image

I was watching a talk on TED today which had Jonathan Klein the head of Getty Images talking about photos that have changed the world. For photographers, it doesn’t matter what field we are in, we are all documenting the world in one way or another. Photojournalists like Steve McCurry and James Nachtwey are people I greatly respect, they are using their skills in photography to document often horrific stories in incredibly dangerous places in order to show the world what they would otherwise never see. In order to create change we must first acknowledge what needs to be changed. That is what they are achieving. Through their photography change can begin to occur. Throughout the talk one of the most incredibly powerful images I have ever seen showed up on screen, I looked into it and found the story by the photographer, please read:

It wasn't taken on the battle field, but back home, and it reminded me personally of the power of an image, I felt I had to share it.

John Moore/Getty Images