Canadian Streets - Solo Exhibition

Well this is it, my first solo exhibition; Canadian Streets DL-print

The series is based upon the feelings and connections I hold with Canada and it's people. As I backpacked 7000km from one side of the country to the other via cars, busses, trains and planes, I met many people along the way who intrigued, inspired and enlightened me. Canadians are some of the most open and genuinely kind people I have ever met and with this exhibition I wanted to share these sentiments.

The diversity of the people I found on the Canadian Streets is testament to the relaxed mentality they have towards being an individual. No matter what background people were from, no matter how they dressed, no matter how they looked, all were allowed to express themselves without fear of being categorised, discriminated, ignored or avoided. This made the people approachable and gave me the opportunity to photograph and chat with hundreds of interesting passers by without fear of confrontation or rejection. That is the spirit of the Canadian people and is something I will never forget.

The exhibition is running until the 4th of December at the Canberra Institute of Technology - Reid Campus in Cafe Yala, so if you get the chance head along and check it out.