The Art of FLIGHT - Whistler and Vancouver

Last week I was lucky enough to be called up by my buddy Pete Andersen at Red Bull to photograph the Whistler and Vancouver screenings of the new epic snowboarding movie; The Art of FLIGHT. If you love snowboarding, hell... if you love beautiful things, you will love this movie. Visually remarkable, it is like a cross between a National Geographic Doco and a Hollywood action film with a jumbo sized budget. Mix into that a soundtrack that vibrates your entire world, then add a few snowboarders (and pilots!) who are clearly from another planet as they do not obey the laws of physics, and you have... The Art of Flight. Check out the trailer for the movie here, and get yourself a copy of the film that's out now and simply enjoy.

Here are the photos from the Whistler and Vancouver screenings. Cheers, DT