Photo of a Travel Day #1

This is the first of a set of photos from a 3 month journey through Central and South America. It all began back in Whister, Canada where I started saving for the trip. Leaving Whistler in November just before the snow starts to really fall is a sad thing. As upset as I was to leave such an awesome place I knew I was at the beginning of a great adventure. As the rain fell against the Greyhound bus I was nostalgic about everything that I had accomplished in the town, however I was still so excited and nervous for my next life as a backpacker. This photo is a reference to leaving the beautiful past behind to begin a new journey, as sad as it is to leave, the grass is always greener on the other side, and when I eventually return, I am sure it will be greener still. Much love to all that helped me get on this bus and eventually have the best trip I have been on yet.

Adios for now :)