Vancouver Canucks Are Going To Win!

So I live in Vancouver. The home of the Van City Canucks hockey team. A place where Vancouverites pile into restaurants and bars game after game hoping for that 40 year happy ending to come true. So will it come true? Will it go for another golden year? All I know is they sit and wait on the edge of their seats for the potential inevitable. The Stanley Cup to arrive home.

I have unfortunately left town for the final few games as I am on a rather interesting adventure in itself (to travel down the Mississippi river in the USA from Chicago to New Orleans on a road trip with my incredibly talented photographer friend Jeremy Beasley).

I miss Van City, and it's people, and it's infamous connection to hockey. I sit and I wait from a Memphis hotel room waiting for the result. Will the Canucks win in the city of Vancouver and be happy? Or will they lose and riot like they did in 1994? Time will tell how civil they will be about the situation. If they win, who gives a shit :)

In any case, I will give you a quick exhibition of the happiness and joy expressed in the Stanley Cup Playoffs when they won Game 2 in Vancouver. Take this Van City as inspiration for the hopeful win in Van City on game 7. Much love to all my good friends in Vancouver right now who are grinding their teeth every day in the hope that they will finally bring that glorious Stanley Cup home. The Silver is ours boys, Lets go kick some Boston Butt!!!






24 Hours in Beijing – The Race is on!

Once upon a time I had 24 hours to spend in Beijing City while I waited for a connecting flight back to Aus. I took the opportunity to head downtown and document with my camera what I could in the short time span available to me. Trying to visually represent China accurately in 24 hours is next to impossible. But I tried my best to capture what I saw as raw and pure. I attempted to capture the somewhat traditional aspects of the organized chaos that surrounded me. I particularly liked hanging around the back alleys near my hostel. There is so much life teeming in these narrow streets. I felt like I had escaped the big city for a split second, then one turn would lead out to a busy road and I would have to wind my way back into labyrinth.

Within the 24 hours I managed to see the gardens surrounding Jingshan Hill, walk around the Forbidden City, stroll through Tiananmen Square, drink a beer or 2 with the locals and watch a few games of ping-pong in the public park. I am fascinated with the Chinese culture, and this taste of Asia only left me wanting more. Within a few years I will return and spend months soaking up the culture and learning from it what I can. I can’t wait for the experience. Life beckons.

Cheers. dt.