Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2011 - The Full Photo Story

Wow. What a week. Hands down, one of the greatest work weeks of my life. The Red Bull Thre3style World Finals were being held in Vancouver, Canada and luckily for me I was hired to shoot the job along side the super talented David Lang and Kris Krug! If by some chance you haven't heard of Red Bull The3style yet, I'll try my best to break it down for you. Basically it is a global DJ competition to find out who is the best party rocker in the world. Who can get people on any given dance floor, to go the most crazy. And that my friends is no mean feat. To determine who is the best in business, DJ's have to compete locally, nationally and then finally internationally to be eventually crowned king. Over the course of the World Finals Week, DJ's representing their respective countries competed each night so the judges could decide who was good enough to go on to the Grand Final. Throughout the days Red Bull had lined up an epic assortment of activities to keep everyone entertained and provide an outlet from the stress of the competition. I got to follow the international crew of incredibly talented DJ's around Vancouver and documented for what many of them was the biggest week of their lives.

The Grand Final was to be held at the famous Commodore Ballroom, it was decked out to the nines and was clearly ready to rock Van City. As was the goal from the beginning of the competition, there could only be one winner. And in the end it was local boy DJ Hedspin from Canada who stood above the rest to claim the top prize in 2011. Bigups to all the DJ's involved, I had a rad time getting to know you over the course of that insane week! You all, truly, do, rock! I just hope you have as much fun enjoying the pictures as I had taking them :) To all the Red Bull crew, you guys are unreal! I had the best time working with ya's, we should really do it again sometime! PEACE

Red Bull Thre3style - Van City Qualifier

What is Red Bull Thre3style you ask? Well I'll attempt to sum up Thre3style in my own words. It's basically an epic event where the best DJ's throughout the world compete locally, nationally and then eventually internationally in the global finals. During the competition each DJ must spin a 15 minute set incorporating at least 3 genres of music. What happens within those next 15 minutes is insane. 10, 50 maybe 100's of different songs being mixed together to create a one of a kind music never heard before. Creativity played out before your eyes and ears. Seriously talented DJ's with seriously impressive skills. I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot the event for Red Bull so I was privy to access all areas in order to make the following images.

First some portraits of the competitors;

Now the action

Big ups to DJ Hedspin pictured above who took out the Vancouver qualifiers and earned his place in the National Finals being held in Toronto.