BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups

If you ever find yourself in St. Louis, Missouri. You had best make your way to BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups bar for some damn fine listenin'. Perk your ears up and take in the soul these dudes pour out to the audience as they share with you their lifetime passion. Get dancin or stay seated and bob your head in this historic establishment. On the night we were decided to roll on in we were lucky enough to see Grammy nominee Bryan Lee and his talented band play some of his famous old school blues. Here are some photos from the show

The Blues Baby

A genre of music I knew little about before road tripping down the Mississippi river. I quickly came to discover after our first few nights in Chicago, that the blues is not just about the music, it's a way of life. A lot of the dudes and dudettes I saw on stage every night have dedicated their lives to the music in one way or another. Getting up on stage every night to do what they do best. They have been playing for as many as 20, 30, 40 sometimes even 50 years and are still passionate about their chosen craft.  You could feel the heart and soul in the music they played and sung, I will never forget it. The photos below are from 2 of the most rockin blues bars in Chi-town. The Kingston Mines with J.W. Williams and Carl Weathersby playing the Monday night set, and Pistol Pete playing at B.L.U.E.S on Wednesday night. I could not have asked for a better introduction to blues music than from these fine gentleman. They all shred! Mad love