BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups

If you ever find yourself in St. Louis, Missouri. You had best make your way to BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups bar for some damn fine listenin'. Perk your ears up and take in the soul these dudes pour out to the audience as they share with you their lifetime passion. Get dancin or stay seated and bob your head in this historic establishment. On the night we were decided to roll on in we were lucky enough to see Grammy nominee Bryan Lee and his talented band play some of his famous old school blues. Here are some photos from the show

St. Louis - Missouri

A city that peaked at 856,796 people in the 1950's but now finds itself at just over 315,000, St Louis is a rather fascinating place. Downtown felt eerie to me, almost like a fully developed ghost town. Cultural areas such as the Loop provide a lot of the life and colour in the city. There is some great eating and shopping to be done down there so you won't be disappointed and if you run into any university students they will be sure to show you a rockin good time! The gateway arch featured in a lot of the pictures below is truly spectacular and for some the sole purpose for visiting St. Louis. I highly recommend taking the space capsule up to the top, it's very touristy but will make you feel like a kid again :)