Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships - Quebec City

Back in March I was invited to come along to the final race of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships in Quebec City. A downhill Ice Skating event; it takes competitors down an insanely steep and winding track of ice and doom, filled with jumps and obstacles the racers have to use all of their speed, skill and agility to claim victory. It was awesome to see how much the citizens of Quebec love the sport. There was a real buzz in the air and everyone was having a great time. I was given a full access pass which allowed me to go out and take a few photos and gain some unique perspectives on the electrifying event. The Official After Party was one for the history books with DJ Adam Doubleyou amongst others rocking over one of the most badass club lighting set ups I've seen in a long time.

Toronto! This photographer has a new home.

That's right y'all. I have gone and moved to the big T.O! I have just spent the last 4 months enjoying some quality time living it up in the hot Aussie summer sun, hanging out with my good friends and family. I then completely switched it up and hit some minus 20 degree temps in Hokkaido, Japan for 2 weeks of deep powder snowboarding and city sightseeing. Finally it was onto BC to jam with my Vancouverite and Whistler buddies before flying to the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Finals in Quebec City, and then eventually onto Toronto. After spending a month here already I can thoroughly say I am having a ball (see image below), the weather is slowly warming up and I can feel the energy in the air starting to lift. The cold winter frowns are being replaced by happy spring smiles and if the Raptors keep it up I'm sure we will be in for one hell of a party in the not too distant future. It's nice to be somewhere new, I am looking forward to the challenges that moving to a new city brings, and the good times once they are overcome. I have started to book up some photo gigs and am excited to work with a whole new list of clients, creative artists and inspiring characters. So lets link up! Lets collaborate, work, relax and party together. Whether it's for a coffee to chat shop, a beer to chat life or some shots to chat shit, it's sure to be a bucket of fun! Hit up the About page for contact details. While in town I will be shooting everything from Action Sports, Culture, Food/Restaurant, Corporate, Weddings, Street and Travel photography, I love it all!

Mad love and I'm looking forward to seeing you around. Till then, stay beautiful.