Once upon a time in Venice

Once upon a time I fell in love with a city called Venice, and I can't say why. I can never put my finger on why this place pops into my head as the most incredible place I have ever been. But it's there, I can never get Venice out of my head. It's a place that you can't figure out in just a few days, you might need weeks, months, maybe years to fully understand how this place exists, lives and breathes. What I understand so far is; whenever I searched for enchantment, I found it. Whenever I sought out adventure, it provided. Whenever I thought I knew my way around, I was lost again. One way I could describe it is that Venice is made up of layers, much like the layers of paint that have coated the doors over the centuries. On the exterior it is beautiful, magnificent, touristy, textured, enchanting, real and cinematic. In the middle it is busy, raw, everyday, normal, business as usual. But on the interior it is gorgeous, old, relaxed, inspiring, creative, colourful, alive, passionate, historical and oh so very unique.

In the end, it's just a beautiful place that never seems to leave my dreams, and that will keep me coming back. So till next time Venice, this is my portrait of you.