NYC Costume Trip - Hardcover Photobook

The Intro

Pete - We're booked for Halloween in New York City. Jeff - About that, I think I'd like to implement a rule, no regular clothes. Pete - (Silence)... Costumes only? Jeff - We get a sh!tload of costumes and switch each day. Pete - If we go get lunch, sandwich or something, we do it in a costume. Jeff - Yeah, it'll be a huge chicken getting a sandwich. Pete - I'll have a chicken salad please, hahaha. Jeff - Hahahaha, yeah. Pete - We're gonna need top notch costumes, after all, it is New York F'n City. Jeff - Definitely, no weak masks or plastic sh!t. The good stuff, movie quality. Pete - We're gonna need a photographer for this. Dale. Jeff - He's going to be expensive. Pete - We'll pitch it as a project for a photo book. Jeff - You think he'll buy that? Pete - (Silence) Jeff - Either way, I'll call him today. Pete - I'll call Peppe, he'll need to be there too. Jeff - This is going to be great!

The Results

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