24 Hours in Beijing – The Race is on!

Once upon a time I had 24 hours to spend in Beijing City while I waited for a connecting flight back to Aus. I took the opportunity to head downtown and document with my camera what I could in the short time span available to me. Trying to visually represent China accurately in 24 hours is next to impossible. But I tried my best to capture what I saw as raw and pure. I attempted to capture the somewhat traditional aspects of the organized chaos that surrounded me. I particularly liked hanging around the back alleys near my hostel. There is so much life teeming in these narrow streets. I felt like I had escaped the big city for a split second, then one turn would lead out to a busy road and I would have to wind my way back into labyrinth.

Within the 24 hours I managed to see the gardens surrounding Jingshan Hill, walk around the Forbidden City, stroll through Tiananmen Square, drink a beer or 2 with the locals and watch a few games of ping-pong in the public park. I am fascinated with the Chinese culture, and this taste of Asia only left me wanting more. Within a few years I will return and spend months soaking up the culture and learning from it what I can. I can’t wait for the experience. Life beckons.

Cheers. dt.