Halloween 2011 - The NYC Costume Trip Exhibition

So last year was kinda crazy. I was insanely lucky to be brought along on one of Jeff and Pete's roller coaster rides. This one took us to the Big Apple. NYC to shoot the one and only NYC Costume Trip Photo Book. It was my first time touching down in the greatest city on earth when the mayhem started. We flew in first class, and everything after that was far from it. We bombed every dive bar/restaurant/take out joint/pizza place/coffee shop/back alley/public park we could find. The sky was the limit, and after getting a photo in the cockpit of a passenger jet we didn't seem too far from it.

Halloween of 2011, you will live in our hearts, our minds, and on our coffee tables.

Here are the photos of the resulting exhibition we had in Vancouver where we sold a bunch of books, prints and signed our absurd dignity away. Enjoy the NYC Costume Trip love...

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The Land of Colour - Burano

Burano is a small Island in the Venetian Lagoon which is well known for it's lace work. It also just so happens to have on it the most incredibly coloured houses you are ever likely to see. The amazing thing is it's not just the houses, the small details such as house hold items are also painted bright blues, greens, oranges, yellows, pinks and purples. Anything that pops. Even the people wear bright colours. I found this mentality to be fascinating and found a real appreciation for what these people have created. Enjoy their fine work.